Vincent Thomas @?Privee / Duisburg / Germany

Vincent Thomas is going stronger and stronger, his productions are found in DJ cases around the world and the clubs are fighting to get this young talent behind the decks !


27.12.2008 Vincent Thomas @ Privee Club / Duisburg / Germany




Damien J. Carter @?8 Seasons / Munich / Germany

Damien J. Carter plays his regular night at 8 Season this weekend, so all his Munich fans please come down for a fun night out with Damien.


13.12.2008 Damien J. Carter @ 8 Season / Munich / Germany




Jean Claude Ades Indonesia Tour 2008

Jean Claude Ades is back in Indonesia where the fans have been waiting for 10 month now for him to return. "Fly Away" was massive all over Asia but especially in indonesia the fans go crazy for the tune.


12.12.2008 Jean Claude Ades @ Boshe / Yogjakarta / Indonesia

13.12.2008 Jean Claude ADes @ Blowfish / Surabaya / Inonesia

17.12.2009 Jean Claude Ades @ Boshe / Bali / indonesia

19.12.2009 Jean Claude Ades @ Blowfish / Jakarta / Indonesia





Milk & sugar @ Arena / Kiev / Ukraine

Milk & Sugar return to the city of Kiev to rock the Arena Club !


Milk & Sugar @ Arena / Kiev / Ukraine 29.11.2008


Jean Claude Ades rocks Canada

After 6 dates in Brasil, Jean Claude Ades changes from summer to winter and plays 2 canadian shows this weekend. Singaling was massive this summer in Canada, so the clubs are bound to be packed, come down for some "Shingaling" with Jean Claude Ades aka JCA.


28.11.2008 Jean Claude Ades @ Club 1234 / Montreal / Canada




Markus Winter aka DJ Real @?Bambi Show 2008

Markus Winter aka DJ Real drops his tunes at Germany´s most important society event, expected guest on the dancefloor are: Britney Spears, Pink, Lewis Hamilton, Keanu Reeves ...... if you managed to get hold of one of the very exclusive inviations for this event, we hope to see you on the dancefloor of the official afterparty tonight.


27.11.2008 Markus Winter aka DJ Real @ Bambi Show 2008 / Offenburg / Germany




Gadjo plays mini tour in Brasil !

For all Gadjo Fans in Brasil this is good news, after his great shows in Brasil in March 2008, Gadjo returns to play 3 great clubs this weekend, here are the dates:


20.11.2008 Gadjo @ Sedna Lounge / Goiania / Brasil

21.11.2008 Gadjo @ Pacha / Buzios / Brasil

22.11.2008 Gadjo @ El Divino / Florianopolis / Brasil





Phats & Small @ Penthouse Club / Stuttgart / Germany

Jason Phats is keeping the name Phats & Small up high the new single "Can´t Stop" with vocals by Big Ben is a smasher. 


15.11.2008 Jason Phats @ Penthouse Club / Stuttgart / Germany





Gadjo @ Platinum Club / Kaliningrad / Russsia

His new single "Its Allright" is a clubhit around the world so his DJ schedule takes him to Russia once more this weekend.


14.11.2008 Gadjo @ Platinum Club / Kaliningrad / Russia




Milk & Sugar @ Famous Club / Moscow / Russia

Milk & Sugar are back in Moscow at this very exclusive club for their last Moscow show in 2008


14.11.2008 Milk & Sugar @ Famous Club / Moscow / Russia




Jean Claiude Ades / Finally Album Tour 2008 / Brasil

After stopping in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Lithuania ...... Jean Claude Ades is currently touring Brazil to promote his new album "Finally"

Here are the dates:


08.11.2008 Sirena / Maresias / Brazil

12.11.2008 Ebano / Sao Paulo / Brazil

13.11.2008 Sedna / Goiania / Brazil

14.11.2008 Giv / Santos / Brazil

15.11.2008 Loft / Campinas / Brazil





Howard Donald @ Eventik / Switzerland

After hard work in the Studio with Take That, Howard finds time for DJ Sets at two nice events this weekend:


10.10.2008   Howard Donald @ Eventik / Switzerland


11.10.2008   Howard Donald @ Fifth Club / Jena / Germany




Jean Claude Ades aka JCA @ Popkomm Berlin

Jean Claude Ades had an amazing Summer in Ibiza, and now started touring for the promotion of his new artist album "Finally" his tour will take him to countries like Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Indonesia, Lithuania, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Brasil, Canada ...


Today´s stop is the amazing Felix club in Berlin where there is a big Popkomm event taking place, so if you want to meet Jean Calude in Berlin please come down to FELIX


09.10.2008    Jean Claude Ades @ Felix / Berlin / Germany 



Milk & Sugar @ Aer Stuttgart

Milk & Sugar started their 2008 compilation release tour which will run until the end of December and finish with a new years eve showdown in Istanbul. This weekend they play the best club in Stuttgart the AER club.


04.10.2008 Milk & Sugar / Aer Club / Stuttgart / Germany 


Freemasons back in Russia !

Freemasons are back in Russia this weekend after a good 2,5 month break and plenty of amazing international gigs the boys will play at the following Russian top clubs this weekend:


01.08.2008  Freemasons @ Z-Top / Niznij Novogorod / Russia


02.08.2008  Freemasons @ RAI / Moscow / Russia 



Damien J. Carter @ Hemingway / Croatia

Damien J. Carter returns for a follow up gig to this crazy club, last time was great Croatia rocks, so if you want to see and hear Damien live, the place to be is:


25.07.2008  Damien J. Carter @ Hemingway / Split / Croatia 


Howard Donald plays rare DJ Dates !

Howard Donald is playing 2 of his very rare DJ Sets this weekend, if you are in the area, please come down to the clubs for a fun night out !


25.07.2008  Howard Donald @ Club Rouge / Göppingen / Germany


26.07.2008  Howard Donald @ Theater / Freiburg / Germany 


Markus Winter aka DJ Real @ 40 Seconds / Berlin

Markus Winter also known as DJ Real has landed a real smasher with "Electro Love Song" with vocals by Rufus Martin, the track is released on Swings / Great Stuff Records on 18th of August 2008 but you can already hear Markus play the track at his numerous DJ gigs around the world. This Saturday Markus plays at the 40 Seconds Club in Berlin !


05.07.2008 Markus Winter aka DJ Real @ 40 Seconds / Berlin / Germany




Howard Donald @ Fet? Blanche / Austria

Howard Donald plays another of his very rare and exclusive DJ gigs, this time you have to follow him to Graz / Austria for the amazing  Feté Blanche Event 2008


05.07.2008 Howard Donald @ Feté Blanche / Graz / Austria




Jean Claude Ades aka JCA in Russia

Jean Claude Ades aka JCA has been busy in the Studio with the production of his Album called "Finaly", his current hit single "Shingaling" is storming sales and Dancecharts worldwide and he is now ready for his world tour starting September 2008 until the begining of January 2009. This weekend you can enjoy him in Russia at the following clubs:


04.07.2008 Jean Claude Ades aka JCA @ Arena / St. Petersburg


05.07.2008 Jean Claude Ades aka JCA @ The Most / Moscow




Milk & Sugar back in Croatia & Montenegro

Milk & Sugar return to Croatia and Montenegro, with their new hit record "No No No" with vocals by Roxanne Wilde the sister of Kim Wilde come down to:


04.07.2008 Hemingway Split / Croatia

05.07.2008 Maximus Kotor / Montenegro






Vincent Thomas joins 2B2M !!!

We are happy to announce that Vincent Thomas has joined our family, Vincent is blessed with an amazing talent as a producer and DJ and at his eraly age is already responsible for several productions with Jean Claude Ades aka JCA and Remix Projects. Their latest work is the Summer Track "Shingaling"


Jean Claude Ades & Vincent Thomas "Shingaling"


released on Great Stuff and including mixes by Rainer Weichold and Martin Eyerer.


Here is the link to this massive tune !




Jean Claude Ades aka JCA on Brasil Tour !

After his massive hit in Brasil last Summer with "Fly Away" Jean Claude Ades aka JCA returns to Brasil for the first time in 2008, with his new single and his latest remixes in the suitcase. Here are the tourdates:

28.03.2008    Jean Claude Ades aka JCA @ Pacha / Sao Paulo / Brasil

29.03.2008    Jean Claude Ades aka JCA @ Club Anzu / Sao Paulo / Brasil

02.04.2008    Jean Claude Ades aka JCA @ Club Ebano / Sao Paulo / Brasil

03.04.2008    Jean Claude Ades aka JCA @ Club Sedna / Goiania / Brasil

04.04.2008    Jean Claude Ades aka JCA @ The Week / Rio / Brasil

05.04.2008    Jean Claude Ades aka JCA @ tbc / tbc / Brasil






Howard Donald returns to Germany

Howard is back in Germany for a Weekend behind the decks at 2 of his favourite clubs!

Here are the dates, if you are a local please come down to the clubs !


14.03.2008    Howard Donald @ Airport / Würzburg


15.03.2008    Howard Donald @ Creme 21 / Heilbronn




Gadjo @ People Club Kishinev / Moldova

Gadjo is on his first visit to Kishinev, tonight he will play at the great People Club !

Set Time:    01:30 - 03:30




Milk & Sugar @ Gaudi Arena / Moscow

Tonight Milk & Sugar are playing at the Gaudi Arena in Moscow together with Fischerspooner and Chus & Cheballos. Great Location, great Artists a must event for all clubbers in Moscow.


23:30 - 03:30    Fisherspooner

01:30 - 03:30    Milk & Sugar

03.30 - 06:00    Chus & Cheballos



Grammy nominees Freemasons return to RAI / Moscow

After their great show at RAI / Moscow in November 2007 Freemasons have agreed to play 4 dates at this Moscow club in 2008. The first date is:


09.02.2008    Freemasons @ RAI / Moscow / Russia 




Howard Donald returns to the decks !

After more than 65 concerts with Take That in 2007, Howard finds time for his real passion again and is returning to the DJ decks for some great shows at some great venues.


09.02.2008    Howard Donald @ Parktheater / Kempten / Germany


16.02.2008    Howard Donald @ The Most / Moscow / Russia


23.02.2008    Howard Donald @ MQ Hofstallung / Vienna / Austria





Damien J. Carter at Hemingway / Zagreb / Croatia

Damien J. Carter at the great Hemingway club, Zagreb´s number  # 1 club will dance to Damien´s music tonight, don´t miss it !


08.02.2008    Damien J. Carter @ Hemingway / Zagreb / Croatia 




Stephenie Coker in Krasnojarsk & Kaliningrad / Russia

Stephenie just returned from Jamaica and is now going straight to freezing Russia to warm up the people there with her music, she will perform live at:


01.02.2008    Club Nirvana / Krasnojarks / Russia

02.02.2008    Club Universal / Kaliningrad / Russia


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